American KidAmerican Kid

Make It LastMake It Last

Momma BelievedMomma Believed

Started StealingStarted Stealing


Life Won't WaitLife Won't Wait

Listen, BoyListen, Boy

Can't Come BackCan't Come Back

Save My SoulSave My Soul

Won't Beg YouWon't Beg You


I Could Be LyingI Could Be Lying

Make a MoveMake a Move

Old Man's CarOld Man's Car

Friends in the FireFriends in the Fire


SHAKY KNEES is the solo project of singer-songwriter Bruno Bin.

Born and raised in megalopolis Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bruno's unique use of rhythm blends American blues-rock with Brazilian roots. Alongside with strong melodies and insightful lyrics, he’s far from your everyday coffee shop singer-songwriter.

At 15 years old, Bruno left home to play guitar in several punk rock bands in the punk rock scene of Brazilian beach city Santos, home breeder of many nationally and internationally acclaimed punk bands. That’s where, from dirty bars to beer covered pillows, he fell in love with music.

At the age of 20, Bruno packed his bags to move to Canada by himself, where he would spend the next few years touring the country. From NFLD to Vancouver Island all the way to the North West Territories, Bin toured several times as the lead guitar player and front man of punk rock band Inner City Elegance.

On SHAKY KNEES, Bin transitions into life on the road as a singer-songwriter with an ever-rotating slew of guests and friend musicians and further strengthens his voice as an emerging international artist.

2013 saw SHAKY KNEES release 15 original tracks, recorded live, one take, on the streets of Toronto and NYC.

Following up on his debut European performance at Bassline Festival in Helsinki, Finland, SHAKY KNEES headed right into the studio to work with producers Michael Chambers (Catherine North Studios) and Gavin Bradley on what's set to be his debut full-length in 2014.

Shaky Knees


[S] - Solo / [FB] - Full Band

Among Millions (CD Release) - [FB]
Date: June 13th, 2014
9:00PM | The Silver Dollar Room

The Honeyrunners EP II Release Party - [FB]
Date: July 25th, 2014
9:00PM | Horseshoe Tavern



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